3Q Results from the seller’s standpoint, Penguin-Random House merger effects, and more…

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Post-Sandy news is pretty light on the Amazon front, as it probably should be.  As I write this, people are still digging out and much devastation is still to be discovered.  Many of the Amazon warehouses are in the impact zone, and of course there is still plenty of bad weather in the Pennsylvania area.  Be safe, folks; I know it’s scary out there, even though the storm is no longer considered a hurricane, (who ever heard of a hurricane that snowed?) there’s a lot left to come. Much cleanup remains to be done…the only bright spot I’ve noticed is that the ski resorts may open early this year!

Channel Advisor did have an interesting article about Amazons 3rd Quarter results.  Instead of writing from the viewpoint of the investor, this article is from the viewpoint of the seller.  The results are really pretty good, and I certainly hope that continues to be true going forward, because as a new seller, I want to play too.

And then there’s a very humorous piece about what the new Penguin-Random House logo could look like, over at Digitalbookworld.com.  Why do we care?  Because in another newspiece, we learn that the merger between the two is going to have an impact on publishers, authors, and readers!  Read all about it at PBS.org.  Here’s a short excerpt to get you started:

In their aggressive attempts to confront piracy and control content delivery, record companies have effectively squashed startups looking to provide consumers with new ways of finding, buying and sharing music. Look at the earnings (or lack thereof) reports for Pandora, Spotify and Grooveshark for evidence of what happens when mega-labels reign. With increased e-book prices, draconian terms dictated to libraries, and prohibitive DRM strategies, book publishers’ behavior has hinted at a similarly unhappy future for books as for music.

Of course, Amazon got its start with books, and they still dominate Amazon’s landscape.  It will be interesting to watch and see what this merger means to all players in the publishing industry.

So, here’s wishing you all a very Happy Hallowe’en.  I’ll be out Trick-or-Treating with the kiddoes, and the next day I’ll be celebrating my daughter’s birthday with her.  If I get a chance, I’ll post an update; otherwise, it might be Friday before I get back to ya.  Be safe!  Don’t eat too much candy!