Add More Storage Space to Your Kindle Fire With a Wireless Hard Drive

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Ok, this is pretty darn cool. Kingston, a company known for manufacturing SD cards and USB flash drives, has a portable wireless hard drive that now works with the Kindle Fire.

Some people have said that the 8 GB of on-board storage space is a big problem with the Kindle Fire, and that the inability to add more via SD card or USB drive is even worse (I don’t mind the 8 GB, but I’d definitely like to see external storage options in the next version). But there’s now a workaround in the form of the Kingston Wi-Drive. It’s available on Amazon with 16 GB of storage for $59.29 or 32 GB for $89.98. A 64 GB version is reportedly in the works.

It’s about the size of a smartphone, and it kind of looks like one, too.

You download the app onto your Kindle Fire and then you’re able to access the hard drive (which works over wi-fi) and whatever data you’ve got stored on it via the app. Seems pretty cool.

You can read more about it at the Amazon links above or at the Kingston website here (click on the little thumbnail image and more info will pop up).

As a side note, Kingston has what has got to be one of the best taglines ever: “Committed to Memory.”

Source: ExpertReviews


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2 thoughts on “Add More Storage Space to Your Kindle Fire With a Wireless Hard Drive”

  1. Does this work if you’re not near a wifi hub? That is, does the drive need to be online before it’ll show up for the kindle?

    1. Nope, I don’t think it’ll work if you’re not near a wifi hub. It comes with a USB cord so you can use it directly with a computer, but you need wifi to use it with the Kindle.

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