Amazon Launches Stand-Alone iPad-Optimized Kindle Store

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For you lucky iPad owners out there, I bring good news. Amazon has just launched a Kindle store that’s tailored to fit those beautifully-crafted touchscreens of yours.

The store is located at If you just look at the page in your browser on your computer or on your Kindle Fire, it’ll look like the regular Amazon store. But mosey on over there on your iPad and it looks a little something like this:

iPad Kindle Store
iPad Kindle Store

I don’t have an iPad so had to steal the picture from GigaOM’s article. And while I’m at it, here’s what the article has to say about the store:

Big, finger-friendly buttons abound, making it much easier to browse and buy. In general, it’s far superior to using Amazon’s standard site.

Seems pretty slick, right? This iPad Kindle Store used to be part of Amazon’s web-based Cloud Reader app (which you can use to read your Kindle ebooks from any computer or device with a web browser) and only available via that app, but now it’s its very own freestanding web app.


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