Amazon Lowers its Free-Shipping Minimum for Non-Prime Members

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Last month, Walmart ditched its $49/year “ShippingPass” program and announced its free two-day shipping for orders $35 and above.  Of course, Amazon won’t let this pass.

To compete, the e-commerce site discreetly lowered the minimum requirement for a free two-day shipping for Non-Prime Members.  From $49, it’s now down to $35, while the minimum for books remains at $25.  No promotion or official announcement was made… The Verge just noticed it on the site’s Customer & Service page and reported it on Sunday.

Although Amazon lowered its minimum requirement, I still think that the $99/year Prime Membership is better, especially if you’re a frequent online shopper – you get unlimited FREE two-day deliveries with no minimum purchase and a bunch of other perks as well.

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