Amazon Releases Kindle Touch Update, and It’s a Good One

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Like the recent Kindle Fire update, Amazon’s latest Kindle Touch software update to its Kindle lineup is definitely worth downloading if you have the device.

The update is currently available to download, and Amazon will be sending it out to Touches via wi-fi “in the coming weeks.”

This update — version 5.1.0 — includes several major additions and upgrades, including:

  • Language Support: Customize your Kindle Touch with the language you prefer: English (US and UK), German, French, Spanish, Italian, or Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Landscape Mode: Switch between portrait and landscape orientation in books and PDFs to read maps, graphs, and tables more easily.
  • Instant Translations: Tap any word or highlight a section to instantly translate into other languages, including Spanish, Japanese, and more. Translations by Bing Translator.
  • Kindle Format 8: Formatting and layout improvements make Kindle books look even better.
  • Wi-Fi Enhancements: Connect your Kindle Touch to Wi-Fi with WPS and select WPA2 Enterprise networks.
  • Read-to-Me With Text-to-Speech: Have your Kindle Touch read English-language content out loud to you, now including summaries of newspaper and magazine articles when available from the publisher.
  • More Sharing Options: Tell others what you’re reading on Facebook or Twitter from anywhere within a book — just tap to share a link along with your comments.
  • Onscreen Keyboard Suggestions: Search and shop faster with automatic word suggestions as you type.

The landscape mode and Kindle Format 8 upgrades are, in my opinion, the most important. The instant translation thing is also pretty cool and great if you’re using your Kindle for foreign language study, though I expect you have to have the Touch’s wi-fi turned on for it to work.

I didn’t like the Kindle Touch when I first got it and played with it, so I ended up selling it. But this update makes the device a little more palatable.

You can download the update or see what version your Kindle Touch is currently running by going here.

[Source: Amazon]


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6 thoughts on “Amazon Releases Kindle Touch Update, and It’s a Good One”

    1. Nope, I haven’t heard anything. But it’s now the only of the most recent generation of Kindles that hasn’t received an updated. If/when one is available, I’ll write about it here on Amazopia.

  1. Can you do a video on how to upload/download mp3 files to/from the Kindle Touch? Can mp3s be stored in the Cloud? How are mp3s categorized within the Kindle Touch device?

    1. Hi Mark. I actually sold my Kindle Touch so I can’t do a video with it. But from what I remember and based off of my experience with the other Kindles, no, you can’t store MP3 files in the cloud and play them on the Touch (you can with the Fire). To add files to it, attach it via USB to your computer. On your computer, open up the Kindle (the computer will treat it as another drive), and there should be an Audio or MP3 folder. Just drag and drop your MP3s into that folder.

      That’s the best I can do off the top of my head.

  2. thx. for the info.

    but if I would like to perform the on-the-air update, how to do it?
    just switch on the wifi? switched on for long time but seems nothing change.

    1. Yeah, the over-the-air update should happen automatically when you turn the wi-fi on. You won’t see much a difference when the new version has been installed but the few changes like landscape mode will be available.

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