Amazon Removes 5,000 Kindle Books Because of Disagreement With Distributor

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Amazon yanked nearly 5,000 Independent Publishers Group (IPG) ebooks from its Kindle store this week because IPG wouldn’t give Amazon a steeper discount on its titles.

IPG is one of the largest distributors of independent books. The distribution agreement between Amazon and IPG had expired and the two sides were in talks to renew it. IPG offered the same terms as before, but Amazon wanted a better deal. When IPG refused to agree to terms that would further reduce its margins and no agreement could be made, Amazon removed almost 5,000 Kindle books from its store. IPG’s physical books are still being sold on Amazon.

IPG president Mark Suchomel said:

It’s obvious that publishers can’t continue to agree to terms that increasingly reduce already narrow margins. I have spoken directly with many of our clients and every one of them agrees that we need to hold firm with the terms we now offer. I’m not sure what has changed at Amazon over the last few months that they now find it unacceptable to buy from IPG at terms that are acceptable to our other customers.

IPG’s ebooks are still available from Barnes & Noble and iTunes.

Source: Publishers Marketplace


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