Barnes & Noble Throws a Hissy Fit Over DC Comics Kindle Fire Exclusivity

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I wrote briefly last week about how several DC Comics–including some in the Superman and Batman series–will be available in digital format only on Amazon and in Kindle Fire format. Well, perhaps unsurprisingly, Barnes & Noble isn’t happy about this.

The DC-Amazon deal means, of course, that those titles and others (100 in all) won’t be available on B&N’s color ereader/tablet, the Nook Color,

The big brick-and-mortar retailer has responded to this move by throwing a tantrum removing all of those DC titles from its brick-and-mortar stores. They will all still be available online from the store, though.

Amazon: 1. Barnes and Noble: 0.

Source: Bleeding Cool


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2 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble Throws a Hissy Fit Over DC Comics Kindle Fire Exclusivity”

  1. i’m just wondering where that leaves readers as a whole, having to choose “a” reader to access x amt of info

    personally, i’d still have chosen amazon anyways, but not sure this is a good trend (or continuation of one)

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