How Annoying Are Kindle Special Offer Advertisements? What Do They Look Like?

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You can get Amazon’s regular Kindle for $109, or $79 with “special offers” (aka advertisements). You can also get the special offers version of the Kindle Touch for $99 instead of $139. But just how annoying ARE these ads?

As it turns out, not very annoying. That’s my opinion, anyway. Instead of the usual random image screensaver that Kindles usually have, you’ll see an advertisement. This can be anything from movie promotions to discounts on yoga equipment. Then when you turn the Kindle on, a small (slightly over half an inch high and the width of the screen) advertisement for that same thing appears at the bottom of the Home page. If you decide the offer interests you, just click or tap on it. That will take you to a new page that has details about that offer. If it’s something you want to buy, there’s an “Email me this special offer” link. You get emailed the link, and you can then choose to use the coupon or special offer or not.

Here’s a video that shows the special offers on the Kindle Touch:

[Click here if you can’t see the video]


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