Under Pressure, Amazon Removes Whale Meat From Its Japanese Site

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Under pressure from environmentalists and animal rights activists, Amazon has pulled whale (and possibly dolphin) meat from its Japanese website.

Yesterday I linked to an article about Amazon’s Japanese site selling whale and dolphin meat. The author was, to put it mildly, displeased by this, calling for a boycott of Amazon. The author stated:

Seattle based Amazon allows its subsidiary in Japan to traffic in whale and dolphin products – whether Amazon is just clueless or whether they are indifferent to cetacean slaughter, this company that sees itself as environmentally conscientious seems to have boxed its morals and shipped them overseas.


But tree whale-huggers around the world can rejoice, as those products have been removed from Amazon.co.jp. As reported by Mongabay.com,

Amazon Japan, a subsidiary of Amazon.com, pulled all whale meat products (and possibly dolphin meat) from its site after a new report by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and the Humane Society International highlighted the issue. Last December the organizations recorded 147 whale products on sale at Amazon Japan despite an international whaling moratorium since 1986. Japan, along with Iceland and Norway, continues to industrially hunt whales. Japan says their whale hunt is for scientific purposes only, but environmentalists dispute this.

Oscar-winning documentary The Cove first introduced many to the dolphin slaughter that goes on annually in Japan. Some of the whale products previously listed in Amazon.co.jp were thought to actually contain dolphin meat, though this has not been confirmed.


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