Will Amazon Release Three New Kindle Fires Later This Year?

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There is a rumor floating around that the next generation of Kindle Fires will be a trio, not a duo. 

More specifically, CENS (China Economic News Service) is reporting that this year, Amazon plans to release “a low-end 7” model (resolution of 1024×600), medium- to high-end 7” model (1280×800), and high-end 8.9” (1920×1200).”

Huh. Interesting. First off, who knows if this is true. And second… are three Kindle Fires really necessary?

I love my Kindle Fire and use it all the time. But I’ve said before that the best thing about the fire is that it’s so cheap. The higher the price goes and the closer it gets to $399 (the new price of the iPad 2), the less appealing it gets. Blogger Kevin Tofel at GigaOM says that maybe the cheapest model of the Fire would go down to $169 (in which case it would be a screaming deal).  The 7″ “Fire HD” could be $199 (also a screaming deal) and the 8.9″ model would be somewhere in the $249 to $299 range. If the 8.9″ tablet is $249, I think that’s a pretty good deal. But at $299 it’s now only $100 cheaper than an iPad, which I expect nearly everyone would agree is a superior product. I know I’d pay that extra $100 for an iPad.

As always, I take these rumors with a grain of salt, and so should you. The rolling out of the second generation of Kindle Fire is still pretty far off and any information we hear about the upcoming Fire(s) should be regarded with suspicion.


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