Dash Dud

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Did you get any Dash buttons?

Amazon still has a page where they advertise Dash buttons for sale,  but they have discontinued them — and they plan to deactivate the ones that are already sold to consumers by the end of August. And even though the link above and the image to the left actually take you to a sales page (at least, as of this writing), Continue reading Dash Dud

Here we go Again — Black Friday 2018

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2018 Black Friday Deals
2018 Black Friday Deals

Several years ago, my wife and I got up at the ungodly hour of 3am to make a run down to the local retail electronics store, figuring that would be early enough to beat most of the rush. Boy were we ever wrong…

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Do You Have an Amazon Business Account? Get one here!

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The Amazon Business account isn’t very well known, even though the program is more than three years old. But now that Amazon has pretty much ironed the kinks out of the program, they are encouraging Continue reading Do You Have an Amazon Business Account? Get one here!

Prime Day Begins. Sort Of.

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Amazon was all “primed” to start Prime Day… 3… 2… 1…

Wait, what was that??

Reports started coming in from all over the world — but mostly from the US — that people could not get to the Amazon site. Twitter was practically boiling over with complaints that folks could not connect, some reporting that they tried with several different machines and mobile devices.

The initial outage lasted Continue reading Prime Day Begins. Sort Of.

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