5 Must-Have Travel Accessories from Amazon Launchpad

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Launchpad is Amazon’s hub for all things cool, unique and innovative – from food and drinks to cutting edge gadgets and electronics and a lot more from today’s brightest startups.

I’m sure you have lots of trips and getaways planned for spring and summer, and Launchpad is the best place to discover interesting things to make your upcoming travels safer, easier and more enjoyable.

Here’s what you need to pack:

Nomad Carabiner for Mini-USB, GoPro, Digital Cameras

You don’t have to bring a bunch of cords for all your devices when you have this portable device.  Plus, it easily clips onto your backpack, belt loop or whatever gear which makes charging much easier.

Manfrotto Mini Tripod

Never miss a moment with this smart and versatile mini tripod.  It comes with different clamps to mount your smartphone, DSLR or GoPro.  No need to bring different tripods for all your photo equipment when you have this one.

PIC Camera

Here’s a new breed of camera that offers a one of a kind design and equipped with 8 MP image sensors.  PIC isn’t like other action cameras with the typical square shape design that needs a mounting kit.  This action camera is bendable and can be easily attached to… basically whatever you can think of. Aside from its flexible and stylish design, it’s also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you can easily transfer images and footages to your phone or pc, view them in real-time or upload them directly to your social media platforms.

Trackr Bravo

In case you misplace or lose your keys, wallet, phone or other personal belongings, this coin-sized device allows you to track any item and locate it in seconds. Thanks to its Crowd GPS Network, you can easily recover lost or stolen items on a map.

Cyclops Gear Video Sunglasses

No gear or travel outfit is complete without a pair of sunnies.  But what makes this pair of sunglasses different from the rest is its ability to capture everything you see – literally.  The Cyclops H20 video sunglasses record in full HD 1080p and snap photos instantly while recording.  This is the perfect gear for outdoor enthusiasts – kayakers, wakeboarders, surfers, etc.  And oh, it’s polarized and waterproof too!