A Seagate Hard Drive that Automatically Syncs Your Data with Amazon Drive

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41exstr5olWhen it comes to backing up your important files, it’s always advised to have them saved in multiple storage mediums.  However, it takes so much time especially if you’re a busy person with tons of data to back up.  Aint nobody got time for that!  Well, thanks to Seagate and Amazon’s collab, the time-consuming job of backing up files in multiple locations is now easier, faster and more seamless.

The California-based data storage company teams up with the e-commerce giant for its latest External Hard Drive called  Seagate Duet.

The Seagate Duet is a 1 TB portable hard drive that provides you with dual back up just by running the back up once.  Just drag and drop files from your computer to your Duet and they will be automatically saved to your Amazon Drive account.

You can also view and back up your files and memories on the go with your smartphone, tablet or any device that has the Amazon Drive mobile app.  Twice the access and twice the backup!

If you are not an Amazon Drive user yet, you don’t need to pay the $60-fee because your purchase already includes a one free year of Amazon Driver service.

The Seagate Duet is set to hit the stores on the 10th of December but is already available for pre-order on Amazon so head on over to the site now to place your orders.

You know what they say, two is always better than one.