Amazopia is a blog about everything Amazon.com-related. We’re not affiliated with Amazon (apart from being Amazon Associates members and FBA sellers), but we just think it’s a freaking sweet company. There are tons of Google and Apple blogs and there are Kindle blogs, now there’s a dedicated Amazon blog.

We like Amazon not because it’s sexy (because, well, it’s not), but because it makes life simpler, easier, and better. Amazon’s products and services just work.

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Amazopia was launched on September 15, 2011 by Tristan Higbee, who operates digital publishing company Long Range Media.

Amazopia was sold on October 13th, 2012 to Howard Lee Harkness, who operates, with his wife, Georgene, a digital publishing company, HowToHackAnything.com.  Howard and Georgene also run other blogs on a variety of topics ranging from diet to relationships to personal finances.  Among them:

These are Georgene’s blogs :

Howard and Georgene
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These are Georgene and Howard’s co-owned blogs:

N=1: A Journey to Health

Guest Diet Blog

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And this is Georgene’s personal webpage:


Disclaimer: There are plenty of Amazon Associates links here on Amazopia. This means that if you click one of our links that takes you to Amazon and you buy anything there within 24 hours, we get a small commission.

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