Access Alexa from your Ford and Volkswagen Vehicles

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Ford isn’t the only car company to have the famous Alexa integrated to its vehicles.  The German automaker, Volkswagen, is joining too.

Having Alexa in your car is pretty neat.  From your car, you can check if you were able to close the garage doors or turn off your home’s lights and if Alexa says you didn’t, you can ask her to do that even if you are already parking outside your office.  On the other hand, if you think you forgot to lock your car, you can ask Alexa to lock it for you through your Alexa-enabled device – your Echo, Dot, Tap or your Huawei smartphone, at home or in your office.

If you are running late in between meetings and errands, you can access your appointments, to-do lists and grocery lists from your car.  But all these features rely on what you have on your home’s Echo set up.

I think the best thing (or probably not the best for your bank account) about the Alexa-integration is the ability to shop on the move.  Let’s say you want to order take-out on your way, you can do that hands-free through Alexa.  Once you connect Alexa to your Amazon, you can basically order anything you want from your car.

For those who don’t keep tabs on their car, Volkswagen says that Alexa can order the exact parts or supplies for your car, simply by telling her what you need.  For example, the kind of oil or windshield wipers that work for your car model.

Volkswagen hasn’t announced when the Alexa feature will be available but Ford already confirmed that all 2017 models will be able to access the first phase of the Alexa integration this month, and the second one sometime this summer.