Alexa is Now Available on your iPhones!

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Yes, you read that right.  You can now talk to the famous voice assistant without buying an Echo, Dot, Tap or other Alexa-enabled products.

Alexa is officially integrated in the Amazon app which means that you now have access to thousands of skills no matter what device you own, including an iPhone.  Sorry, Siri.

To talk to Alexa, just open the free Amazon shopping app and tap the microphone icon beside the search bar.


To use Alexa for shopping, you can say things like:

“Search for paper towels.”

“Add shampoo to my cart.”

“Track my last order.”


If you want Alexa to play media, just say:

“Play some music.”

“Play my Kindle book.”

“Play dance music.”


To get updates on the latest news, weather or traffic, you need to add your address to the Alexa app and set your starting point and destination.  Then you can say:

“What’s the weather in Boston today?”

“How is traffic?”


…or just ask random questions like:

“When is Memorial Day?”

“Tell me a joke.”


So basically, everything that you can do with an Alexa-enabled product, you can also do with other devices as long as you have the Alexa shopping app.