Alexa, Meet Your New Competitors.

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feature-heroAlexa, Amazon’s famous voice service that powers the Echo, Dot and Tap is quickly becoming the most popular smart home assistant.  With over 1,000 skills, these Alexa-powered devices have certainly become a staple in many homes.  Echo, in particular, has already sold an estimated 3 million since its debut.

Now, with the constant rise of smart home tech, other companies also released their own versions of the Alexa-powered speakers.

The first competitor would be Google’s new premier device called Home, which was launched last month.  The Home is a small speaker built on Google search and your personal Google services so it can answer questions, play music, control your home and manage your calendar.

Another competition would be Sear’s Alfie which resembles the looks of the Echo Dot.  But unlike the Alexa-powered speakers and Google Home, Alfie cannot be used solely by voice.  You need to push a “talk” button to make your request which can take up to 10 minutes before it responds.  According to the website, Alfie is “backed by real human intelligence, not just computer processing.”

The Echo is currently sold at $179.99 while Google Home’s price is still unknown as of this writing.  Alfie, on the other hand is being sold for $50 on Kmart and Sears websites.