Amazon Begins its Sail into the Ocean Freight Business

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Pixabay Inc. has already leased 20 aircraft and had its first drone delivery as part of their quest to expand its logistics and cut costs.  Now, the ocean freight business that was announced early last year, have officially begun.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the company has started handling the shipment of goods on cargo ships from Chinese merchants selling on its site to its U.S. warehouses.  However, the e-commerce giant doesn’t have its own ships yet (which I’m pretty sure Jeff Bezos is working on right now).  The company was just awarded a license to take the role of a freight forwarder, eliminating the services of UPS, Fedex and other shipping companies.

The sea freight venture is a good opportunity for Amazon to improve and expand its business and I hope that this will also benefit the customers by having faster transactions at a much cheaper rate.