Amazon Coins, re-using digital content, AWS more expensive than you think, and Valentine destinations!

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Got Coins, Amazon? Oh, no, that’s Amazon Coins – to be released in May. What is Amazon Coins? It’s a type of virtual currency to pay for apps, and, I suppose to get people hooked, Amazon will be spreading them around quite a bit at first, for free. So, that brings on the question: what about the “free” apps of the day as they currently stand? Will they be paid for with “free” Amazon Coin? And then eventually will the “free” part disappear once we all get accustomed to the newness of it all? I guess only time will tell. In the meantime, get the details at the LA Times website.

You may have heard that Amazon is looking at ways to resell “used digital content,” aka e-books, and have even been awarded a patent to get going on this. Although not patented, ReDigi has already launched a similar marketplace with “advanced technology” that verifies as legal all goods listed for resale. (UPDATE:  Thanks to commentary by Bob, who is more familiar with the situation, ReDigi has indeed been issued a patent for their approach.)  At least one person, Nate Hoffelder, is pretty sure enough can go wrong that he wants no part of it! Mosey on over to The Digital Reader and see his rationale.  My opinion is that, like with all things new, it will be awkward and inconvenient at first, and then people will get used to it, the technology will settle in, and eventually everyone will wonder what all the fuss was about.  Kind of like vacuuming robots.

Cloudyn says if you use AWS database services, you (and your company) are probably using way more storage than you think you are (and paying for much more than you need to). Cloudyn’s business is helping customers minimize and optimize their use of AWS, so they do have a dog in this fight. See what the fuss is about at

And for the soft-hearted, as opposed, I suppose, to the hard-headed (did I hear someone call my name?) reveals a list of the top 20 most romantic cities in Canada. I suppose that would make a wonderful trip for you and your sweetie, to wish each other a Happy Valentine’s Day! See what cities top the list!

2 thoughts on “Amazon Coins, re-using digital content, AWS more expensive than you think, and Valentine destinations!”

  1. I am a fan of Amazon, if course, but I should point out that ReDigi holds patent applications to their technology and it appears to work outside of Amazon’s patent. Same concept, different technology / approach. I believe the difference to be in the method of file transfer.

  2. Thank you! I may have misunderstood what I read. And in fact that’s quite likely. I will edit the post but do it in such a way as to point out that it was changed due to your input.

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