Amazon Drive-Up Grocery Stores are Coming to Seattle

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According to the permit filings that was leaked online, there’s a new Amazon physical store concept that’s about to hit Seattle.

GeekWire revealed a sketch of the “Amazon Fresh Pickup” store with imprinted greetings on the window that reads, “HELLO BALLARD” and “HELLO, SODO,”  the two neighborhoods where the stores will open first.

On the other side of the store is another big window with a sign that says, “Shop online.  Pick up here.  Relax while we load your groceries,” and that basically explains what the new concept is about.

In GeekWire’s article, you’ll also see a glimpse of the Ballard Store’s parking lot where drivers can pick up their orders that employees have put together and a motion-activated sign that tells the shoppers that their orders are on the way.

There’s no official announcement from Amazon yet but it looks like the retail giant is just putting a few finishing touches before its big reveal.

By the way, “Amazon Fresh Pickup” is different from “Amazon Go.”  As of today, the latter is currently in testing the concept with the company’s employees in Seattle and is scheduled to open to the public within the first half of this year.

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