Amazon Garage? What’s That?

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Well, just when you were thinking that Amazon has run out of new ideas, they have decided to start a forum for car owners. Oh, wait… that may not be all that new an idea. But they obviously think that they can dominate the others already running fora for cars. If I ran a forum for car owners – any make, model, or year – I would be seriously considering starting a new site on a different topic, because, if nothing else, Amazon will definitely ruin the niche for anyone else. Even if it’s another “fail fast” idea from Bezos.

Color me cynical, but I think the only reason for Amazon Garage is to find out who owns what sort of car so that they can target their ads a little better. Depending on what you think of Amazon (me? I have mixed feelings), this is either good thing, or yet another part of their evil plot to take over the entire world, and just rent out pieces of it to us peons.