Amazon Hopes for a Spot in the French Grocery Market

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Bonjour!  Today, on Le Monde, the French newspaper reported that Amazon is in search for partnerships in the French Grocery Market, in a bid to open about 15 physical non-cash stores inspired by Amazon Go.

Amazon Go is a line-free, grab and go grocery store introduced by the online retailer last December.  No check-out counters, no lines, just grab what you need and walk out the store.  The first Amazon Go store is already in Seattle on Beta testing, but Amazon plans to open more than 2,000 grocery stores – globally?

According to, the American e-commerce giant has approached big firms such as Casino, Intermache, Systeme U and Carrefour.  Unfortunately (for Amazon), Group Casino refused the offer.  Same goes for Intermarche and Systeme U.

“We see the interest in Amazon, but ours is less obvious.  Amazon is not our friend:  in the end their goal is to eat us and we are not going to open the door to them and give them the menu, said a dealer.” (

Exactly!  Sorry, Jeff Bezos.  I guess it’s a no from the French market.  Well, at least you still have a spot on the French e-commerce space.