Amazon Instant on Smart TVs, You’re Only “renting” your eBooks (?), and more…

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After Monday’s exciting (but not happy) news day for Amazon, yesterday was a bit dull. That was likely because all eyes were turned toward the new iPad Mini.  I am not likely to get one, but I’d be interested in hearing what new owners think.  I’ve just been a PC geek too long.  I tried to switch over to Mac but it didn’t “stick.”

  • In the most recent news, Samsung’s 2012 Smart TVs are going to be immediately equipped with Amazon Instant, according to Digital Trends.  Actually, “going to be” is the wrong terminology.  If you happen to have a Samsung Smart TV, go look at it yourself!
  •  GigaOM talks a bit about the Cloudyn tool which helps determine the data storage costs a company will experience under varying circumstances.  I think it’s typical that most people, as well as companies, tend to buy more of **whatever** “just in case.”  As more companies and people use the cloud for storage, the price is bound to go up.  So, tools like this will be very helpful in managing costs going forward.
  • And back to the topic of Monday, where user “Lynn” lost access to her Amazon account and her ebooks (she has since received her ebooks back).  GigaOM talks about the many downsides to ebooks,  one of which is that you don’t own the books you buy – you rent them! I find that hard to believe.  As far as I know, there’s no mention of “rental” in the user agreement. Do the benefits of ebooks outweigh the downsides?  Only you can decide that, but the word “backup” has never been more in vogue these days!
  • Only a week after the announcement of a new Kindle presence in Brazil, Amazon’s popping up in Japan these days.  I can’t help but wonder if they have a backlog in Japan like they do here?  You can read about this at Digital Book World.

Oh, and speaking of Kindle, we have our newest Kindle video up now.  This one is about registration and initial setup of the Paperwhite.  We’re still learning, I can tell you that for sure.  Next on the list:  better lighting!