Amazon Introduces a Line-Free, Grab and Go Grocery Store

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bottle-grab-desktop-_v523327232_Here we go again with Amazon reminding us of its presence and its goal to take over the world

After opening a number of brick-and-mortar book stores (Amazon Books) and more than a dozen of new pop-up stores (Amazon Pop-Up), the e-commerce giant introduces a new kind of line-free physical grocery store called the Amazon Go.  No check-out counters, no lines, just grab what you need and walk out the store.

Yes you read that right!  Grocery shopping just stepped into the future.  If you are wondering how things work, well this unique and futuristic shopping experience is made possible through their “Just Walk Out” technology that automatically detects when products are taken or returned to the shelves, keeps track of each item in a virtual cart and once your shopping is completed, you just leave the store and Amazon will send a receipt to your Amazon account.  All you need is an Amazon account, a supported smartphone and the Amazon Go app that you can download for free.

For now, the first Amazon Go that is located in Seattle only caters to Amazon employees and is expected to be open to the public next year.  If this becomes a success, Amazon plans to open more than 2,000 grocery stores – the start of a new era in retail.

See, Amazon is aggressively expanding its presence in the “real-world” retail market which is threatening more and more businesses.  The launch of Amazon Go isn’t just a threat for business owners but to employees as well.  According to the New York post, Amazon Go is the “new job killer” that signals the end of millions of cashier jobs.

Companies need to step up their game if they don’t want Amazon crushing their businesses because obviously, Jeff Bezos will never stop pushing and expanding to achieve his goal for Amazon taking over the business world.