Amazon is Being Sued for Trademark Infringement

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Online shopping sites have long been a home to counterfeit products and is no exception.  Even though the e-commerce giant has been continuously trying to crack down fake products and inauthentic reviews on their site, it seems that the company is still far from being successful with that task.

Last month, Apple complained that 90% of charging cables and adapters being sold on the site are fake and just recently, a lawsuit was filed against the company for allowing counterfeit products to flood their website.

The companies involved in the recent lawsuit are the Allstar Marketing Group LLC (creator of the Snuggie blanket), Ideavillage Products Corporation (sells Copper Fit compression sleeves) and Intel Products Corporation (sells Magic Tracks toy racetracks).

These companies that also sell As Seen on TV products complained that the fake items are being sold at a much lower price and use photos of the authentic products to entice customers, which makes distinguishing between the counterfeit and legitimate virtually impossible.

The plaintiffs have lost a lot of profit because of the “free ride” that Amazon is giving to these counterfeiters from China Japan and Thailand.

“Amazon has taken no action to prevent the sale of such counterfeit products despite having the knowledge, opportunity and means to do so,” their representative said.

Oh Amazon, you better double or triple your efforts or you’ll end up with piles and piles of lawsuits and manufacturers pulling out their products from your site just like NFL and Birkenstock.