Amazon is Heading to South East Asia!

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After the acquisition of Middle East’s largest online retailer,, Amazon is now preparing to enter South East Asia with the launch of its services in Singapore this week, which includes Prime and Prime Now fast delivery.

Although the e-commerce giant hasn’t made an official statement yet, TechCrunch reports that Amazon has already started marketing its services through a number of high-profile online influencers based in Singapore (see screenshots below).

Singapore is one of the most developed countries in Southeast Asia but not with the largest economy.  So why would Amazon choose the Singaporean market to kick off its expansion to Southeast Asia?

Well, that’s because it has the most “Westernized” culture and the country is all about innovation and embracing digital future –  a wise move for Jeff Bezos to get him closer to achieving his goals and turning his vision (of taking over the world) into a reality!