Amazon is NOT Selling its Own Private Label Wines… yet.

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This morning, a number of reports were spotted all over the web about Amazon entering the wine business in collaboration with King Estate Winery.

According to King Estate’s press release, “NEXT is the first wine ever developed from conception to release with Amazon Wine,” and judging from that statement, it really does imply a collaboration between the two.

But Amazon tells Engadget and TechCrunch that this isn’t actually the case.  The e-commerce giant denies being involved with the winery on their creation.

Amazon Wine is only the exclusive launch partner for King Estate Winery’s newest brand called NEXT, which made its debut last June 28.

Had it been true, I don’t think this news will still surprise customers.  Amazon has long been offering a number of private-label brands from electronics to snacks to baby products.  I’m pretty sure Amazon will also have its own Private Label Wine in the future.  Just wait and see because… wine not?