Amazon Might Be Joining the US Ticketing Market

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Online ticket selling isn’t really new for Amazon.  In the United Kingdom, Amazon has already been selling tickets for music concerts, festivals, theaters, comedy shows and touring events since 2015.

In America, this line of business is dominated by Ticketmaster, a West Hollywood-based ticket sales and distribution company, which has been an exclusive seller of primary tickets for big venues in the country.

But with rumors about Amazon possibly stepping into ticket selling, things might change a little bit for Ticketmaster.

The news was first published by Reuters which states: Inc  is seeking to partner with U.S. venue owners to sell event tickets, four sources have told Reuters, a move that could loosen Ticketmaster’s powerful grip on the lucrative ticketing business.

We all know how Amazon greedily wants to take over every industry there is in the business world.  And if that’s not enough reason for Ticketmaster to fear its competition, Reuters also shared in its exclusive report that Amazon Tickets UK has already been outselling Ticketmaster for some events.

Congratulations Ticketmaster, you’re now part of the long list of companies that Amazon wishes to destroy.