Amazon to Create a “Netflix for eBooks” Service. Sweet!

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The Wall Street Journal has reported that Amazon is working on creating an ebook subscription service. You can look at this in two ways: 1) that it’s a Netflix for books, or 2) that it’s an ebook library. Either way, it’ll be awesome.

The idea is that you pay X amount of money and get access to a bunch of Kindle ebooks on Amazon, similar to how you pay $8 a month for Netflix and get access to a bunch of different movies.

There is speculation that this “ebook library” of sorts will be bundled into Amazon Prime. Currently, Amazon Prime members pay $79 a year and can enjoy free 2 day shipping on lots of Amazon’s items, plus streaming access to thousands of movies and TV shows via Amazon Instant Video. I’m currently a Prime member and love it (mainly for the free 2 day shipping, because their video selection still pales in comparison to that of Netflix). Throw in tons of free ebooks and I’ll be one extremely satisfied customer. I’d undoubtedly renew my Prime subscription.

I’m really excited about this because of the way I buy ebooks. When I’m looking for a specific book, I usually order it in used book form via Amazon because it’s cheaper than the Kindle version. But when I’m just looking for something–anything–to read for fun, I trawl through the Kindle deals and see what catches my fancy. Having a ready “free” library of ebooks to browse will mean that I won’t have to pay for that casual reading material anymore.

As of yet, there is no official launch date or anything; Amazon is still in talks with publishers. Hopefully the idea pans out and everyone’s on board, because this is something that I, for one, would be truly psyched about.

  • Are you an Amazon Prime member? If so, how do you like it? If not, will this ebook library push you over the edge?

2 thoughts on “Amazon to Create a “Netflix for eBooks” Service. Sweet!”

  1. I have been a prime member myself for a few years – LOVE IT!! Definitely worth the $79 fee, then Netflix for eBooks sounds pretty cool, too. Have to get my kindle first to enjoy


    1. Yeah Prime was a pretty brilliant move on Amazon’s part. Customers love it and Amazon makes more money! I got it for the free 2-day shipping; everything else (videos, ebooks, whatever) is just pleasant icing on the cake.

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