Amazon News in Brief and Other Great Amazon-Related Articles You Might Have Missed – 1/6/12

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Here’s some of the Amazon-related news from the last week that we didn’t get around to covering. There was a lot of it, so brace yourself.

  • Amazon-owned LOVEFiLM is Europe’s Netflix. Subscribers can stream movies online or rent DVDs in the mail. LOVEFiLM just struck a deal with BBC World. LOVEFiLM subscribers will be able to stream a wide variety of BBC World content. You can read more about that at this official Amazon press release. Amazon also just inked a similar deal with broadcast network ITV, which you can read more about in this press release. You can read more about both of these deals and how Amazon is dealing with Netflix in Europe in this ZDNet article.
  • Some Kindle owners got emails a couple days ago saying that they were going to be given a free trial of Kindle Compass magazine, but might be charged for it in the future. As it turns out, this was a mistake on Amazon’s part and the company didn’t mean to send out those emails. Kindle Compass, whatever it is, will “always be free.” We do know that it is “a new free publication built by the Kindle editorial team that we’re piloting to a small number of Kindle customers.” You can read more about the mini-debacle over at AllThingsD.
  • Amazon could be gearing up to offer an analytics service. Read more at the New York Times.
  • The Kindle Fire is going to get a docking station. It looks pretty, uh, unsexy, but who knows. You can read more here at The Digital Reader.

And then apart from straight up news items, there was a lot of great stuff written about Amazon this week that you should definitely check out. Here are the highlights:

Phew! It was a busy week after the holiday lull.


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