Amazon Now the Brand with the Strongest Customer Loyalty (Sorry iPhone)

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In terms of sheer brand coolness, nothing can really compare with Apple. But as we all know, there’s more to life than being cool. Amazon has just dethroned Apple in one pretty darn important metric.

According to a report by that is based off of Brand Keys data, Amazon has replaced Apple’s iPhone as the brand with the strongest loyalty among US consumers (Apple’s iPhone and computer divisions are different brands under the study). Brand Keys president Robert Passikoff stated in an interview with,

Apple has been No. 1 for years. Amazon has been very high in the rankings for years, but Amazon now has a broader base from which brand loyalty can be developed. Amazon is all things to all people.

Apple’s computer division comes in at #5 on the list (out of 528 brands analyzed), while Amazon’s Kindle is at #8.

The interesting thing is that while both companies have completely different base business models (Apple’s hardware vs. Amazon’s retail), they do seem to be converging more and more. Apple is ramping up its iBook efforts to compete with the Kindle store. Amazon is reportedly coming out with a tablet that is seen as an iPad competitor. Amazon has its Cloud Player, Apple will soon be releasing the public version of iCloud.

It’s a battle that will undoubtedly keep going in the future. Meanwhile, the consumers on both sides will continue to reap the benefits of improved products and services that result from the competition.

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  1. tristan, i guess i didn’t realize you were reworking the news stream with your own bit of slant into it, very nice!

    for what it’s worth, i wanna know more about any regarding producing or publishing one’s own ebook on the kindle 😉

    thanks much!


    ps – i can’t choose ‘tween the two, they’re like family to me 😉

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