Amazon Pilots Warn Shoppers about Holiday Package Delays

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If you are relying on Amazon’s 2-day Prime Shipping for your last minute gift shopping, then there’s a big chance that your orders will arrive late.  According to a report from Seattle Times, Amazon Pilots warn consumers that they might not be able to keep up with the high delivery demand around the holidays.

On the site “Can Amazon Deliver,” that is paid for by Airline Professionals Association, you’ll find a campaign for consumers to “give one star for Amazon Prime Air” and tell Amazon executives to give pilots a fair contract.

According to the site, here’s the truth about Prime Air:

Amazon just launched its own airline shipping service, Prime Air, but without the staff or expertise to run its own airline, the company is relying on third-party contracted cargo airlines for deliveries.

These contracted Prime Air airlines are facing significant operational disruptions. The airlines don’t have enough pilots to meet the demands of Amazon because their experienced pilots are leaving for better jobs at other airlines.

By working with airlines that keep losing pilots and have disruptions in service, Amazon is making a big bet that it can deliver its packages on time. At this rate, there may not be enough pilots to deliver for Amazon around the holidays.

Remember the protest that happened last month, just before Black Friday?  Well, it’s not over yet.  But of course, the retail giant denies that there will be disruptions during this busy shopping season.  Spokeswoman Kelly Cheeseman said that they are “confident” in their ability to serve customers.

Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed.  Get it together, Amazon… or you’ll end up losing millions of customers!