Amazon Plans to Build Underwater Warehouses!

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It seems like Amazon will never run out of crazy ideas.  After the launch of Prime Air, a system that uses drones to deliver packages, we reported two new patents that were granted to Amazon in the hopes of improving its delivery system.

First, it was the giant airship that would deploy individual drones to deliver parcels in people’s homes.  Following that was a network delivery system to transport packages from an origin to a destination via underground tunnels.

And guess what’s next?  Amazon just won a patent to develop “Aquatic Storage Facilities” for its packages.  I mean seriously.  Which part of the world would Amazon want to leave out?

So here’s how the system is supposed to work…

Packages will drop from the air and sink in to the prescribed depth depending on its density.  And when it’s time for delivery, a series of acoustic signals will be sent through the water, activating the parachute attached to the package to inflate and propel upwards to reach the surface for retrieval.

Sounds… futuristic.  But you know Amazon… they can make the impossible happen! OTOH, Jeff Bezos is also a fan of the ideal of “failing fast.”

The company doesn’t typically comment on patents but this shows how they are getting more and more aggressive in finding ways to improve efficiency and speed in their system. Or at least, finding new ways to baffle onlookers.