Amazon Prime’s New Perk Will Give You Fashion Advice

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Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot of news about Amazon’s plans to expand its private label fashion.  In a span of 3 months, reports about an active wear line, lingerie and plus size fashion came out and today, there’s another fashion-related news about the e-commerce giant.

The online retailer introduced a new Prime-exclusive feature on its shopping app called “Outfit Compare.”

So how does the app work?

From the mobile app, just open the tool and upload two images of yourself wearing two different outfits.  These images will then be analyzed and assessed by real stylists (yup, not a machine) and you’ll get the results in less than a minute.

The people giving you fashion advice come from a variety of backgrounds in the fashion industry and were hired by Amazon specifically to work on this new feature..  So don’t worry because you are in good hands.

If you’re concerned about your privacy, that won’t be a problem. The images will only be visible exclusively to the team behind Outfit Compare and you can easily delete them anytime you want.

The feature is only available for Prime Members so upgrade your membership now to gain instant access to an expert’s fashion advice… 24/7!