Amazon to Display Groupon-esque Coupons on Kindle Screensavers

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So there are two main variants of the Kindle out right now: one with ads and one without. The one with ads is called Kindle with Special Offers (or KwSO throughout this post). The ads come up as the “screensaver” when the Kindle is off. But Amazon announced today that they’ll soon be displaying Groupon-esque Amazon Local daily deals and coupons instead of ads.

One of the reasons everyone loves Amazon is that the company makes buying things so easy and streamlined. This daily deal integration with the KwSO will be equally streamlined. Since Amazon already has the Kindle owner’s credit card on file, buying the daily deal coupon will be a quick and painless process. Of course, that’s bad news for people who can’t control their spending, but good news to everyone else.

Amazon Local deals are currently available to people in 44 cities around the United States.

This is a genius move and will benefit everyone involved. Normal ads don’t really offer any value to customers and they’re something that a lot of people just inherently dislike, but who doesn’t like getting a good deal on something? And Amazon will likely make a killing. (Related note: Amazon stock did go up 4.21 points or 1.8% today. Coincidence? I think not.)

This whole thing is possible due to Amazon’s “strategic partnership” with direct Groupon competitor LivingSocial. Amazon is actually a major investor in LivingSocial, having invested $175 million into the company back in December 2010 and an additional amount in March 2011.

Do you have a KwSO? If so, how do you feel about the possibility of seeing daily deals instead of ads?