Amazon to Face Lawsuit Over Faulty Eclipse Glasses

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Were you one of the millions of Americans who went outside last August 21st to catch a glimpse of the solar eclipse?  NASA reported that it was the most viewed event in the agency’s history.  Yeah, that eclipse was truly historic.  But we’re not here to talk about that – we’re here to talk about a lawsuit filed against Amazon.

So before that much-awaited event came, solar eclipse glasses were selling like hotcakes online and in stores, but only few vendors actually meet the safety standards set out by NASA.

Last Tuesday, August 29th, a couple from South Carolina filed a proposed class action lawsuit against Amazon, claiming that the pair of purchased glasses that have been marketed, sold and warranted to the general public by the online retailer caused them to experience headaches, eye watering and develop blurred and distorted vision, days after use.

Amazon said that the company sent out emails to customers beginning on the 10th of August, to issue a recall of these potentially hazardous solar eclipse glasses.

But the couple said they did not receive any email at all and the lawsuit states that Amazon’s August 19, 2017 email recall was “tragically too little, too late.”

Amazon is home to millions of third-party vendors selling all sorts of products.  That’s why as consumers, we need to be careful and mindful of our purchases to avoid problems such as this.