Amazon to Launch its Own Instant Messaging App?

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Instant Messaging apps have been surging in popularity, showing an explosive growth among users across all ages.  And with Amazon’s reputation and ability to dominate every industry in the business world, I am wondering why it hasn’t stepped into the IM space yet – till recently.

Last Thursday, news about Amazon possibly working on a stand-alone messaging app was published on AFTVnews.

The site claims that Amazon has started surveying customers about this new messaging service called Anytime. The screenshot of the said customer survey shows the same features as the other popular messaging apps like Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, etc.  But unlike the other apps, Anytime only uses your name, no numbers needed (just like Twitter DMs).

It promises private & secure private and group messaging, high quality voice and video calls, chat customization, and the ability to send stickers, GIFs, photos, videos, music, location, etc.

We can’t really confirm if Anytime is really happening… anytime soon. But according to AFTVnews one customer said that it seems like it’s a “ready product” already.

If this was true, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.  Aside from Amazon being Amazon (the company who wants to take over the world), the e-commerce giant has already rolled out similar types of services – a Videoconferencing tool called Chime and the hands-free video calling feature for the Echo Show.