Amazon to Release an Alexa-Enabled Home Security Cam?

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A leaked image found by AFTV News showed that Amazon might be jumping into the world of security cameras.  The e-commerce site already offers a number of home security cams from brands such as Nest and Canary, but of course (as always) Amazon wants to produce their own too.

Surrounding the camera lens appear to be 4 infrared LEDs for night vision. The stand and body style imply the camera is for indoor use only.  The blue light ring around the lens is certainly reminiscent of the Amazon Echo’s light ring, so it’s possible the camera will also serve as an Echo Dot of sorts. The two small openings at the top are very likely microphones and it’s not uncommon for indoor camera’s to have built-in speakers to facilitate intercom-style communication, so all the necessary hardware components could be in place to speak with Amazon’s Alexa using just the camera. (AFTVNews)

Sounds like a neat device!  However, we don’t know when it’s coming out yet so if you’re in need of a security cam that you can control with your voice, there’s the Blink Home Security that is now fully-integrated with Alexa-enabled devices.

The stylish and truly wire-free Blink Home Security Camera System captures HD videos and has a Live Streaming feature that you can view from your smartphone.  It also has a built-in motion detector that will send an alert and a short recorded clip of the event when triggered.

You don’t have to lift a finger to control your Blink Security Camera System, just ask Alexa to do it for you.

“Alexa, Ask Blink to Arm My Home System”

“Alexa, Ask Blink to Disarm My Vacation System, My Pin is…”

“Alexa, Ask Blink What is My Status?”

Blink Video Security System is available in One, Two, Three and Five Camera System.