Amazon Wins a Patent for On-Demand Fashion Production

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We’ve talked about Amazon’s new shopping app tool that gives expert fashion advice… we also reported the company’s plans to create a private-label active wear brand, lingerie, plus-size fashion and today, the e-commerce just won a patent to turn these dreams into a reality.

On Tuesday, the Seattle-based online retailer was awarded a patent for “on-demand apparel manufacturing” which is a very wise idea to make the production faster and less costly.

The “on demand apparel manufacturing” process starts with a computerized system that will collect orders for textile products from various client devices in the form of tech packs.  These are then organized into one or more groups of orders according to size, shape, fabric type, delivery location and other more productivity factors.  The computing environment will then coordinate with the textile printer and textile cutter to arrange panels for manufacturing.

According to the patent, the system isn’t solely for clothing items.  It can also be used to manufacture a wide array of products such as towels, beddings, curtains, footwear and accessories (e.g., scarves, gloves, hats, bags, belts, etc.)

Although we don’t know how Amazon plans to use this patent, one thing’s for sure – the company is taking serious steps towards moving deeper into (and possibly dominating) the world of fashion.