Amazon Wins Patent for Using Subterranean Network to Deliver Packages

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Amazon BoxForget drones and flying warehouses, Amazon has been granted another patent for package deliveries.  A little more than a month ago, the patent application for using a subterranean network to deliver packages was finally published.

The planned network delivery system may be configured to transport a parcel or container and may be driven by or along one or more conveyors or rails, or even through pneumatic tubes.

Transporting parcels from an origin to a destination via underground tunnels can definitely help improve Amazon’s delivery system and avoid congestion experienced by traditional transportation networks. However, boring a hole under the grounds of Seattle is not easy as some might think.

But when it comes to Amazon, everything is possible.  They’ve always been known to make the impossible happen.

As of today, Amazon hasn’t confirmed yet if they are actually planning to build such network anytime soon.  Let’s just wait and see…