Amazon’s iPad and Mini Cloud Player app is out, but don’t install!

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It appears that Amazon’s Cloud Player is now available for download, and it will store all your Amazon music purchases and a bunch of imported music (for free) and a bunch more (for a fee).  Unfortunately, it’s having its serious issues.  Don’t install it for now if you are using an iPad or iPad Mini.  It will delete your Kindle book library.  Read more about it at Venture Beat.

Never one to pass up a good opportunity to compete, Google is now launching a same-day shipping service to go head to head with Amazon.  Google Shipping Express will cost a little bit less than Amazon Prime, and will direct shoppers to other vendors besides Amazon (of course).  Not to be outdone, Amazon is also working toward expanding its one-day delivery service, and of course eBay is bringing up the rear, yelling “me too!”  The rest of the story is at the link at Digital Trends.  Be sure to read all the way down to the bottom for a real futuristic surprise!

And now, for something entirely different, and the answer to why Google is wasting its time with same-day shipping!  I have not been in my happy place all day today, due to having to be where I don’t want to be (we all have to do that sometimes, you know…to pay the bills!)  Anyway, I just ran across something that made me say “YES!! I want that!” …the newest product to come out of Amazon, and the answer to Google’s tired old same-day delivery wannabe’s.   Watch below for a good laugh!

Now, tell me: what else would you expect from the most innovative company in the world?  🙂