Amazon’s Newest Service Promises a “New Level of Delivery Convenience for Prime Members”

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So it’s really happening…  Amazon will be delivering packages straight into your home.  Well, that is if you’re willing to pay $250 for the “convenience” and the risks that come with it.

Just last week, we learned about Amazon’s plans of offering its shoppers a couple of solutions to a growing number of “Amazon package theft” incidents – first, a collaboration with Phrame to enable deliveries inside the trunk of your car, then a smart doorbell that will give the delivery person a one-time access to your home, which is already available today for Prime Members in select areas.

Yes, Amazon today introduced Amazon Key and Amazon Cloud Cam, their latest Prime-exclusive innovations that will radically improve the convenience of receiving deliveries (that’s what Amazon said).

Amazon Key

This smart lock allows “in-home” delivery even when you’re not at home.  Through the Amazon Key App, you can stay in control and track their delivery with real-time notifications and watch the delivery happening live.

But it’s not just for Amazon deliveries; it also lets you grant access to other visitors such as family members, dog walkers, house cleaners, etc.

Amazon Cloud Cam

Amazon Cloud Cam is an intelligent indoor security camera that lets you keep track of your home whether it’s checking on the pets from work, monitoring the front door while traveling, looking in on the kids’ room from the kitchen or watch Amazon “in-home” delivery as it is happening.

So each time a delivery driver requests access to a customer’s home, Amazon will verify that the correct driver is at the right address, at the intended time, through an encrypted authentication process.  Once it’s completed, the Cloud Cam will start recording and the door gets unlocked.

Okay, so Amazon wants its customers to trust strangers and let them inside their empty homes when there are a number of ways that it could go wrong. This opens a plethora of opportunities for mischief – not just for the home owner but the delivery person as well.

Cybersecurity expert John Sileo said on CBS News that one of the major risks is hacking.

“The biggest risk is the hackers who get a hold of the database of door codes. You know, quite literally, if they can hack the NSA, they can hack a database of entry codes into an entire block’s worth of homes.  That part is what scares me, not how Amazon will use it, how the hackers will use it,” Sileo said.

I don’t know about you, but I value my security way more than convenience.

If you think Jeff Bezos’ newest innovation is brilliant, you can get the Amazon Key In-Home Kit that already comes with both the smart lock and security camera for $249.99 and experience a “New Level of Delivery Convenience” (says Amazon) for Prime Members.

But, before you do, you might want to read the satirical article on The Onion about this 🙂