An Amazon Dashboard to Track your Kids’ Internet Usage

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Amazon just rolled out another feature for parents to have more control over their children’s screen time.

Parents and guardians, if you’re not familiar with FreeTime yet, it’s a  subscription that gives unlimited access to 13,000 kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps and games.

Aside from endless contents for your kids to explore and enjoy, FreeTime also has the best in-class parental controls:

  • Time Limits – you can set daily limits or restrain certain categories (games, videos, etc.) at a certain time if you want.
  • No Surprises – FreeTime restricts access to social media or the internet and doesn’t allow in-app purchases.
  • Smart Filters – this gives you control over what your child sees, giving them age-appropriate content only. As parents, you get to adjust the Smart Filter settings depending on what you think your child needs.
  • Learn First – this feature allows parents to control when FreeTime shuts down for the day and block access to games and cartoons until after educational goals are met.
  • Individual Profiles – for parents who have 2 or more children, don’t worry because you can create up to four individual and customizable child profiles.

It doesn’t stop there.  Today, Amazon added two new features for Amazon FreeTime.

  • Discussion Cards – This feature allows parents to engage with their kids around the content that they are viewing through sample questions added by Amazon Content Editors and other parents.

 “As kids learn and play more independently with their tablets, we want to provide parents with more ways to join in that digital discovery.  Discussion Cards equip parents with information about an Amazon FreeTime book, video, educational app, or game their child is enjoying, and provide open-ended questions that parents can ask kids to spark conversations—and avoid the dreaded one-word response. Discussion Cards also offer ideas for real-world activities families can do together, like participating in community service or working on an art project—all inspired by what kids are doing in FreeTime,” said Kurt Beidler, Director of Kids & Family, Amazon.

The Discussion Cards can be found within another new feature called Parent Dashboard.

  • Parent Dashboard – This new tool provides parents an insight of their child’s device usage.  Here, you can see a daily activity report of videos watched, books read, apps/games played, websites visited and the time spent for each activity.  This information will help you manage your child’s screen time and plan educational goals.

Amazon FreeTime is compatible with all Fire Tablets, Kindle E-Readers and Fire TV starting at $2.99 per month for Prime Members and $4.99 per month for Non-Prime Members.

But you can save up to $109 if you purchase the new Fire Kids Edition Tablet that already includes a free 1 year subscription of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited.

…or start your 1-month trial of Amazon FreeTime HERE.