Apple Rumors: The Latest on IPhone 7 and 2nd Gen Apple Watch

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Oh, the never ending speculations on how Apple’s newest products will look like.  Today, James Morrison posted an unboxing video on Youtube of what is supposed to be an iPhone 7 dummy unit clone shipped directly from China.

In the video, he compares it with the iPhone 6s which actually looks similar except for some differences like the omission of the headphone jack, redesigned antenna lines and a larger camera housing.

Another latest from Apple that we should look forward to is the 2nd Generation Apple Watch.  Reports say that it will feature a “smart band” that can monitor health date such as your blood pressure, body temperature, respiratory rate and even your blood oxygen levels.  Also, it’ll be be 20-40% thinner than the previous model.

Sounds exciting?  Only a couple months more of waiting because according to some rumors,  Apple will release these new gadgets on their next media event which will be held on September (or October) this year.