Beware of This New Amazon Prime Phishing Scam!

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Calling all Prime Members, there’s a new phishing scam circulating around the web targeting users of Amazon’s $99/year subscription.

In an article on the website, popular consumer tech expert, Kim Komando received the email herself.

The fake email even comes with a Prime Day logo as a header and reads:

Thank you for your recent order on’re invited to quickly review your product and receive your new $50-bonus.  Your feedback helps customers pick the right products on

It’s an easy process!  You are just one click away to activate your $50 voucher.


The last statement is a clickable link that will take you to a spoofed Amazon site that will require you to enter your log in credentials, and this is when the phishing scam begins.

DO NOT click on the provided link as this may lead to malware infection or ransomware on your computer or gadgets.

Phishing scams like these are quite common among Amazon shoppers, that’s why it’s very important to be wary of any email asking you to click on links, open attached files, enter login credentials and update payment information.

According to the Amazon website, an address that contains an Internet Service Provider (ISP) other than “” is fraudulent.  Never click on any links or open attached files from these suspicious emails.