Black Friday or Cyber Monday? No Contest for Us!

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It’s been 6 years now since Mrs. Amazopia and I decided to get up at 3 am on “Black Friday” and check out the bargains at a local electronics retail store. That morning, after we got dressed and drove to the store location, we discovered that there wasn’t a legal parking space in the same zipcode, and there was a line that went all the way around the (rather large) building. There was a Fire Marshall posted at the door who was only allowing people to enter when someone left.

After surveying that scene, we decided that there wasn’t anything there that made it worth waiting for over an hour (after a half-mile walk, to boot) in that line. Worse, it was freezing! Plus, judging from the huge piles of stuff in the shopping carts of the folks who were leaving, it appeared unlikely that any of the good stuff would be left by the time we got in. So, we headed back home. On the way home, we did find another store which was having a going-out-of-business sale — and did not have a line out the door (which had a lot to do with why they were going out of business), and we actually found a few bargains there — and still got home in plenty of time to catch a few more Z’s before sunrise.

Since that time, we have “celebrated” Black Friday by going to bed fairly early the night before, and sleeping late the next morning. With all of the specials on line, with no need to stand in line in the freezing cold, who needs Black Friday anyway? Sleeping late sure beats getting up in the middle of the night to fight crowds of equally bleary-eyed folks trying to get all the good stuff before you can.

We pretty much got our 2013 Christmas shopping done anyway. What few items we might want to get between now and Christmas can be ordered from Amazon, and with our Prime membership, delivered in two days.

One of the items that we got for ourselves for “early” Christmas was the Koss Tony Bennett Signature Headphones. Actually, Mrs. Amazopia got a pair, and told me how great they sounded. Since my hearing is not as good as hers, that didn’t really mean much to me, but when she told me how comfortable they were, I had to try them out. I already have several “cans” which for one reason or another I don’t really like a lot, usually because they don’t fit very well, or they don’t provide enough isolation, or they are not comfortable. The Tony Bennett Signature Headphones don’t suffer from any of those problems. So, I got a set for myself, too.

These headphones come with some extras, like a nice zippered carrying case, and a coupon code for a free download of the “Duets II” album by Mr. Bennett. There was also a really interesting brochure which told about the history of the Koss company, and how Mr. Koss met and became friends with Tony Bennett. All in all, it was a very pleasing purchase.