Borrow a Book for a Chance to win a Free Kindle Voyage!

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Borrow a book & read for free for a chance to win a Kindle Voyage. Click here for details.  (I’m not sure whether the Kindle Voyage model offered will be the “special offers” version, but either would be a great unit to have)

You don’t need to have a Kindle device in order to use Prime Reading (aka Kindle Unlimited), but you do need to have a Kindle Unlimited account (get a 30-day free trial – $9/month after the first 30 days – of Kindle Unlimited here). Amazon supplies free apps for iOS, Android and Windows. You can download the free Kindle app from this link.

You might be wondering (I certainly did) what the difference is between a regular Prime account and a Kindle Unlimited account. I had to search through quite a bit of the Amazon site to sort out the difference between the new Kindle Unlimited and Prime. So the image they show about Prime Members Read FREE is somewhat misleading. There are some books that are free for Prime, just not as many as for Kindle Unlimited.

Here are the main differences that I could find:

Amazon Prime is mainly a shipping program that gives you free 2-day shipping eligible items, streaming of some movies and TV shows, and the ability to borrow one book per month. That book must be borrowed using an actual Kindle and not an app.

Kindle Unlimited allows you to borrow 10 books at a time, on any device (including the “cloud” reader) registered to the account. In addition, there are a LOT more free books available on the Kindle Unlimited plan. Kindle Unlimited does not include a free shipping program for other Amazon merchandise.

So, in a nutshell, there is some overlap between Kindle Unlimited and Prime, but not a lot. Kindle Unlimited is a bargain if you typically read 10 books a month, or if you want more than two or three a month that aren’t included in Prime.

Here’s a helpful hint that can save you a bit of money on Kindle Unlimited: You can skip a month in which you know that you don’t plan to do much reading. Just be aware that if you do, all of your borrowed books will go away at the end of the month that you quit (if you avoid logging into WiFi with that device, you can keep them until you do log in).

I hope that helps!