Businesses Can Now Enjoy FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon’s Newest Program

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After the launch of the new Prime Student payment option for college students and a program that allows 13 to 17 year-olds to create their own logins through a parent’s account, Amazon today announced the launch of a new membership program that is marketed towards corporate customers.

Amazon Business has been around for a couple of years already, providing businesses an easy access to hundreds of millions of products tailored to every type of business needs – from IT to lab equipment, education to food-service supplies, and more.  With this service, companies can also enjoy a variety of perks such as Business-Only Pricing, Purchasing System Integration, Amazon Tax Exemption Program, Amazon Corporate Credit Line and Order Tracking.

Today, Amazon Business launched Business Prime Shipping, a paid annual membership program for registered multi-user business customers in the United States and Germany, that offers members UNLIMITED FREE TWO-DAY SHIPPING on all eligible items.

“Business Prime Shipping enables businesses with multiple users to further simplify their procurement procedures and increasingly rely on Amazon Business to deliver,” said Prentis Wilson, Vice President of Amazon Business.

Business Prime Shipping plans range from Small ($499/year for up to 10 users), Medium ($1,299/year for up to 100 users) or Large ($10,099/year for over 100 users).

Just like the original Prime Shipping Membership, businesses can also sign up for a FREE 30-day trial at