Check Out the Upgraded Kindle Paperwhite

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61CqsY7UQxL._SL1000_Just like the Basic Kindle, Paperwhite is also getting an upgrade and will be available on June 30, earlier than Kindle’s release which is on the 7th of next month.  Well, not much has changed though.  Both upgraded e-readers will be available in an ivory white model and a Bluetooth connectivity to support Amazon’s VoiceView feature, specifically for the visually impaired.

Paperwhite will still have the 300 ppi display which is higher than the Basic Kindle’s, a 6” glare-free screen and a built-in adjustable light that the previous generation doesn’t have.  It will also be sold at the same price for $120.

If you are willing to spend a bit more, the Kindle Voyage will give you a much better reading experience.  The $200 e-reader offers users a 6” glare-free screen with adaptive light sensors, which means that it can sense the light in your environment and automatically adjusts the brightness setting.  It also has a PagePress feature that allows you to apply simple pressure on the bezel to turn the page without even lifting a finger.  Voyage, however, is only available in the black.