Dash Dud

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Did you get any Dash buttons?

Amazon still has a page where they advertise Dash buttons for sale,  but they have discontinued them — and they plan to deactivate the ones that are already sold to consumers by the end of August. And even though the link above and the image to the left actually take you to a sales page (at least, as of this writing), you can’t actually buy them any more.

So… if you bought one (or more), well, you are screwed.

If you didn’t buy any, it looks like you made the right decision.

Apparently, the Dash button idea went over like a lead balloon. I ran across a fairly clever negative review of the Dash button here.

It had several other drawbacks, among which were that it was not easy to find the price before clicking the button (and if you went to the trouble of finding the price… you were already at your computer anyway, so what was that button good for, again?). Those drawbacks were nicely handled by Alexa Dot (Echo), so the Dash button is now completely obsolete.

But don’t consign your Dash button to a landfill — use this link to send it back to Amazon for recycling.